5 Simple Ways to Develop Your Intuition

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Intuitive development is not just about accessing and developing your intuitive abilities. It is about you going on a journey of self-discovery and learning about yourself and your own spiritual growth. Once you have unlocked your intuitive abilities. You will be able to use your intuition and your inner guidance. To guide and control your life to achieve continued success, fulfilment, and happiness. Below are the 5 ways you can further develop your intuition.

1. Meditate daily

To further develop your intuition we need to meditate daily, to still, focus and balance the mind. In order to do this, we need to learn to control our breathing. There are many forms of meditation such as transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, yoga meditation, vipassana meditation and much more. Try different forms of meditation and then choose a meditation practise that helps you to still your mind. Read the post on my top 10 resources to learn meditation and my top 5 recommended meditation books

2. Believe and trust yourself

Once you have opened your awareness to psychic communications through daily meditation practice. Psychic messages start to come from the superconscious mind. It is the gateway to the higher consciousness also known as the higher self, god or whatever term you want to use. It is the all-knowing mind which gives us access to infinite wisdom and inspiration.

Before we can interpret the messages, we need to have an open mind and trust the information we are receiving. If we don’t trust the information, you don’t trust yourself. You need to believe in yourself, because the information you are receiving is coming from you, your higher self. Your confidence in interpreting the information will improve with practice. Once you start believing in yourself and trusting the information you are receiving.

3. Connect with your guides

Each human being has a higher self and a spirit team. Which includes: your guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors/loved ones, power animals and so on. These are spirit/light beings that have been with you from birth, you may have one or more that will assist you throughout your life. Your higher self directs your spirit team on areas in your life you may need assistance on and you can call upon their assistance at any time.

Your higher self and your spirit team give you guidance whenever you ask for it. They send messages to you through one or more of your six senses, which include seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling/touching, tasting and knowing. The more we use and trust our senses the stronger, accurate and more frequent the messages become. You can use your intuition to guide you in all of your decisions in life regarding career, money and relationships.

With practice, you can also use your six senses to sense and interpreter messages sent to other people. This is achieved because everything in this universe is energy. All energy has a vibration that emits a frequency. Our thoughts are also energy and have a high vibration. We each have the ability to sense energy and use this ability whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

4. Divination tools

Use divination tools such as tarot cards, dream interpretation, runes, numerology, palmistry, pendulum dowsing, I Ching, and astrology. All these tools connect to our subconscious mind and will increase your intuition if you use them often.

5. Psychic Development Exercises

One of the best ways to further develop your intuition is to do psychic readings for yourself and for others. I encourage all learners to join psychic development groups in your local area and read as much as possible about psychic and spiritual development.

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Try these Psychic development Exercises:
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Practice the psychic development exercises daily, even if you don’t get the results straight away, keep practising, practising and practising that’s the only way you will develop and increase your skills and get the maximum benefit.

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