Learn How to Awaken Your True Potential And Create the Life You Want to Live

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why.

Albert Einstein

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So What’s The Book About?

The Psychic Mind is a practical step by step guidebook. In the book, you will learn how to reawaken and develop your psychic abilities. The book shares practical exercises and techniques that will aid your development. The exercises will include, extra sensory perception, aura reading, psychic readings, psychometry and much more! Once you have awakened your psychic mind, you will be able to be tap into your intuition. You are then able to use the guidance to create the life you want, to achieve success, fulfilment and happiness.

4 Important Benefits to Developing the Psychic Mind

  1. Increased activity of the brain, enhance intelligence, perception, memory, creativity, problem solving and decision making. The meditations and techniques mention in this book activates and strengthens communication between two parts of the brain.
  2. Your intuition will improve, the six inner senses, which include seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling/touching, tasting and knowing will become stronger and more frequent.
  3. Your mind and body will be in balance which will improve your overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  4. Your consciousness will evolve in time; you will experience states of higher consciousness. When your consciousness evolves and expands, the problems in your life become less significant.

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What You Will Learn

The Psychic Mind is arranged in 8 parts with 18 Chapters, and 145 pages. This book is a step by step guide to provide you with practical information and exercises to help awaken and develop your psychic abilities.

    Part 1: Explains what the three levels of consciousness are and how to re-program the subconscious, to manifest what you want and need in your life.

    Part 2: Explains what the third eye is and how to re-activate it.

    Part 3: Explains what an aura is and how to cleanse and balance it.

    Part 4: Explains what the chakra’s are and the various practical techniques you can use to cleanse, unblock and balance them.

    Part 5: Explains what grounding is and the various practical techniques you can use to ground yourself.

    Part 6: Explains how to meditate to help calm and balance the mind.

    Part 7: Teaches you practical techniques to develop your psychic senses including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience, clairgustance.

    Part 8: A daily plan of psychic development activities and exercises you need to do.

What People Are Saying:

  • "Everyone has psycic abililty, some people just have a better handle on it than others. This book will help you discover your psycic ability or strengthen it. The author gives us tips on accessing your psychic abilities, how to recognize the signs, and develop your psychic potential even further. I've read a few different books on this subject, and this one puts things in perspective and gives you a realistic approach. This is very quick and interesting read, the author kept my attention throughout the entire book, and I felt like I learned something from reading this book. I recommend it to anyone looking for deeper insight into developing their psychic potential." - Mrs. B (Amazon Review)

  • "An interesting book with lots of information on increasing psychic ability. Just the right length and depth to keep the reader from becoming overwhelmed or bored. Step by step instructions and suggestions on where to go for more detailed information make this a must have for anyone wishing to explore and strengthen their psychic ability." - Kelley Schmidt (Amazon Review)

  • "Combined with the great quotes of wisdom from wise people of the past, along with the variety of different chakra breathing and meditation exercises that are easy to follow and understand, it certainly makes for an interesting read, especially if one wishes to develop a third eye chakra or improve their intuition skills to a higher level." - Sky Nealon (Amazon Review)

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