How to Manage Your Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

How to Manage your Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Spiritual awakening symptoms occur when there’s a lot of spiritual energy moving through the physical body. Your physical body does not have enough capacity to contain the energy being received, so it needs to release the unneeded or excess energy. To do this we need to ground ourselves, grounding means to allow ourselves to be fully present here with our physical bodies and physical reality aspect. We entrain with the frequency of the earth itself, your body becomes more relaxed as you tune into that frequency. Grounding is the perfect remedy for anyone who is feeling dizzy, space out, drained, confused, overwhelmed, panicked, or angry.

Below are some tips on how to manage your spiritual awakening symptoms. I Hope what I share helps to ease your spiritual awakening symptoms.

Tips to manage your spiritual awakening symptoms:

1. Start a journal or keep a diary

Keep a journal of your spiritual awakening symptoms. write about what happened during the day, your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and possible triggers. when you look back on what I have written, you will notice patterns and possible triggers that may have caused or aggravated your symptoms.

2. Eat root vegetables

Anything that grows under the surface of the earth, will help you connect with earth’s energy. vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, beetroot, and radishes.

3. Have a Salt Bath

Cleanse your aura and your physical body by soaking in a steaming tub of water with sea salt, Himalayan salt, or Hawaiian salt. Sit for about 20 minutes.

4. Be in nature

Go to the park or your garden and hug a tree. Place your arms around the tree and feel your energy combine with the tree’s energy. Silently in your mind, say, “I am now grounded, thank you.” Imagine the unwanted energy flowing out of you, and is being sent down the tree roots into the ground. Continue until you feel you are grounded.

Walk barefoot on the earth. You can also work with your hands in the earth and sit or lie down on the ground.

5. Grounding Exercises

Exercise is a great way to feel grounded and connected with your physical body. Some great exercises for grounding are walking, cross crawls, marching, yoga and yoga mountain pose (Tadasana) helps to align the body. Watch video – mountain pose (Tadasana)

6. Try breathing

“Breath is the essence of life and being, within breath is a vital energy or life force called prana.”

“Learning correct breathing techniques not only enhances clarity of mind but helps to restore the body’s natural flow of energy.” – The Psychic Mind by Avis J Williams

Try Alternate nostril breathing it will balance the left and right brain hemispheres. Read post How to practice alternate nostril breathing


7. Wear grounding colours

Colours are also energy, wearing colours such as red, black or brown, will help you feel grounded or you can also have the colours in your surroundings.

8. Use Essential Oils

Use these essential oils for grounding tea tree, myrrh, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli or lavender.

Get a 50ml or larger glass spray bottle.  Fill the bottle with spring water, drop a few drops of essential oil. Shake it up and spray it on yourself.

9. Use a smudge stick

Native Americans use smudging in their healing ceremonies to cleanse any negative or residual energy. Use white sage or Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. Light the smudge stick and use your hand to direct the smoke over your head, face, front/sides of your body, under your feet, around your hands and arms, and as much of your back as you can reach. You can also use smudging to cleanse environments or objects.

10. Focus on your physical life

Do any activity that keeps you in the present moment. Do something you are passionate about and enjoy like spending time with family or friends, watch a movie, create something or learning something new. Read this article on how to start living in the present.

Article by Avis Williams

Personal development advisor and spiritual practitioner. She has trained in meditation, counselling, spiritual and psychic development. She shares her spiritual and personal development practices, to help others expand their consciousness and move towards personal transformation.

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