Third Eye Opening Signs

third eye opening

Third eye opening is a sign that you are moving into a higher state of consciousness. When the third eye is opening you can experience extrasensory perception and be able to tap into your intuition. The third eye opens the doorway to the subconscious, to enable you to receive knowledge and information from the higher consciousness and other dimensions of consciousness.

Here are the third eye opening signs:

1.Tingling and pressure between the eyebrows or forehead
sometimes you may feel a tingling or a pressure on your third eye chakra or around the forehead area. This means that the pituitary gland in conjunction with the pineal gland is developing energetically, so it’s starting to channel your kundalini energy.

2.Migraines or headaches
You may experience headaches or migraines that can last for hours or days. This happens when there’s too much energy in the third eye area. To rebalance the third eye the energy needs to be released. You need to do something that is grounding, like walking in nature or exercise. Anything that keeps you in the physical reality.

3.You start having visions or see things
In the mind’s eye, you may start to see colors. When the color starts to disappear, you may see sacred symbols, places, people and you sometimes may have premonitions and lucid dreams.

4. Your other 5 senses start to heightened
Your other senses:
feeling – Clairsentience
Hearing – Clairaudience,
Touching – Clairtangency/Psychometry,
tasting – Clairgustance
smelling – Clairalience.

All senses may start to develop.

5. A higher state of consciousness
Once your third eye is open, you move into a higher state of consciousness. You begin to notice synchronicities that happening around you. You also will receive knowledge or information coming from your higher consciousness, and from other dimensions of consciousness. you receive the information through your physical senses, normally through your strongest physical sense or two or more together.

Tips to develop the third eye:

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Article by Avis Williams

Personal development advisor and spiritual practitioner. She has trained in meditation, counselling, spiritual and psychic development. She shares her spiritual and personal development practices, to help others expand their consciousness and move towards personal transformation.

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